Childrens Club

We run several ‘Childrens Clubs’. These encourage the younger riders to learn all about grooming, tacking, having a lesson and Stable management with a pony just as if it belonged to them.

These groups of children all have lots of fun and make new friends because they have the same interest. When children grow out of the childrens clubs they can move on to having hourly group lessons or private lessons at a more advanced level.


Ebborlands Staff are able to offer many types of courses, half day, full day, 3 day or 5 day, all arranged to cover whatever you wish and for children to do things that they may not be able to try during their usual weekly sessions.


Off-road hacking is available around ours and a neighbour’s farmland. Our fully trained staff can take you high up on the Mendip Hills with lovely views of the Somerset levels, Glastonbury Tor and beyond.

We also hack on lanes and through fords. Our 1 hour and 90 minute hacks are always accompanied by qualified staff.


At Ebborlands you have several options as to the type of lesson that we cater for.

Private – Genrally during weekdays.

Groups – Some weekdays and most weekends.

We have half hour lessons as well as small group lessons taking place throughout the week.

These lessons are for all abilities, beginners from five years of ages upwards to more advanced riders.

From complete beginners – Children & Adults who just want to ride for fun or those who wish to compete on their own horse or pony. Ebborlands staff are willing to help you.

Ebborlands is also an official Pony Club Centre (for children who do not own their own pony) and we hold dismounted and mounted rallies for these youngsters to have fun as well as working towards tests and achievement badges to do with ponies and the countryside.

Our Childrens Clubs are run for youngsters from the age of six years upwards and they can work towards the Junior / Senior British Horse Society Riding Schools Progressive Tests respectively. During school holidays we hold ‘pretend to own a pony’ days, 2, 3 & 5 day instructional courses


Our lessons are ongoing, which hopefully everyone will enjoy as well as progressing towards the next stage. Tests are available if desired but these are not compulsory.

Exam training is available for the British Horse Society Stages Exams for Stage 1, Stage 2 and PTT, also the Riding Schools Progressive Tests.

Courses are offered during the school holidays and here again you have a choice from half days, 1 day, 3 days or 5 days – The final day being a competition or Fun Day!